Slip down

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Hands trace up your arms
Rough and strong, yet gentle on your skin.
They pause along your shoulders
Coupled with warm breath on your neck
Shivers ripple along your body as he presses his lips to you
Just below the hair line
In that one spot,
That spot you both know about,
That spot that drives you wild with lust.
The fire is kindled
And the flames lick higher,
Deep within and radiating out,
Knees go weak with anticipation
As his lips do not cease and his hands roam further.
The weight of the world begins to ebb away,
The sadness and stress fade as the sound of his voice erases the world. 
For tonight, it is but the two of you,
His words in your ear slip you under,
And as always, you are his,
In this most beautiful symbiosis.
Let his fingers and tongue and sounds and breath and the scent of him
Take you away to another place,
Another world where only you and he exist. 
Inhale him, 
Absorb every essence of him,
Take him inside you and let him run through your veins,
Your very life blood,
Coursing through you,
To the very depths of your soul,
The soul he knows as no other ever could. 
His body entwined with yours, 
Passions and hearts connected,
Nothing else exists,
Merely the warmth of his body pressed to yours.
His will consumes you,
You are his this night
And every night,
Your respite from the world
In the safety of his arms. 
© A Gentleman’s Musings 2015


Alight the night 

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Flesh yields and wills break
‘Neath crop and hand and whisper.
Fires blaze and warm the wintry nights
Lustful eyes reflect the flickering light. 
Eyes gazing with passion and love,
Searing your soul with an intensity 
The likes of which you’ve never known. 
Flurries fall silently through the darkness
As beads of sweat roll down her back.
Hair damp and breathing labored,
She aches for you. 
Yearns for you. 
Eagerly awaiting every touch,
Every sting,
Every bite,
That you lovingly bestow on her smoothe skin. 
Pale in the light, now turning red,
Sounds of your palm striking home
Echoing through the air, 
And again
And again. 
Subtle cries and breathy moans escape her pouty lips,
Begging for more and more and more,
Her appetite insatiable,
Which only feeds your own desires. 
This night belongs to the two of you,
Let the world fall away. 
Your will, your hands,
Her ragged breath and heaving chest
Evidence of her ardor. 
Take her, 
Envelop her,
Consume her. 
She is yours, body and mind. 
Set alight her senses with every tool you have 
And see her come alive in the light of the dying fire. 
© A Gentleman’s Musings 2015

The void

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I carry your breath on my neck
Through the lonely nights
The scent of your hair on my pillow
Sustains my senses when
My arms ache with the void
You fill
Each night when you’re with me
Curled tight into my body
My arms wrap around you
My fingers find yours
My lips on your neck
and back
and shoulders
Because your skin is the sweetest thing next to
Your lips
My god your lips were made for me
Pliant and responsive and soft
Unbelievably soft and I miss
Kissing you
Holding you
Touching you
The warmth from your body mixes with mine and
Beneath the sheets it’s an oven
But it’s cold outside
And it’s warm in here when you’re with me.
But you’re not here with me.
You’re far away.
And I’m cold without you.
My feet search for yours in the middle of the night and they search and they search and they search and all they find are more covers And the place you’re supposed to be
My arms hug the pillows tight because it’s the closest I have to hold on to you and smell the sweet perfume you leave there each time you leave my bed
But my bed is where you belong.
My arms ache with a space the size of you between them
My feet are cold and lonely without yours entwined around them
My heart aches when you’re gone and my sleep is unsound because you’re not here with me
And I know the distance is temporary temporary temporary
That word is the bane of my existence and I want to hear it
No more
I don’t want you gone from my bed temporarily anymore
I want you here permanently and forever so my heart and my arms and my nose and my toes and my soul aren’t lonely and hurting and aching anymore
Because I love to be the last breath on your lips the last smile you see before the deepest, sweetest sleep you’ve ever had in your life takes you under
Under in a sea of warmth and limbs and sheets
Under the stars to dream the sweetest of dreams
To be the last of your whispers and the last sight before slumber is such a joy to me
To feel you finally release the burdens of the world and melt into my arms, sinking back weightless into my chest is my blessing
To feel your breathing become slow and regular as you drift away
Calms my ravaged soul day after day and night after night
So though you are not here in form and body you are here with me in spirit and heart and the sweet scent on my pillow
And that shall sustain me until you are in my arms again
Until the day comes when you will always be in my arms
Until the ache is gone, replaced by the love and warmth and your skin pressed to mine night after night

© A Gentleman’s Musings 2014


The Calming

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Slow your thoughts.
Calm your breathing.
These are the things you tell yourself
But try as you might,
It does not happen.
The anticipation of what is to come is overwhelming.
You know he is the one who to bring the quiet.
His strong hand on your chest eases the burden there,
And you breathe easy.
You crave the calm his voice brings.
A word,
A command,
A mere whisper,
And the cascade begins.
While your mind becomes subdued,
Your body trembles.
Pulse thrumming and skin flushing,
The response is always the same.
His touch firm and gentle,
Explosions of light dancing behind your veiled eyes
As fingers trace along your naked flesh.
Yearning for the bonds that hold you captive,
A willing surrender to the Dominance he possesses.
Giving over to him,
Allowing him to extract every ounce of pleasure from your body,
An intoxicating indulgence.
The tools laid out beside you,
Quivering as you know he will use them all in his own time.
Dreaded, yet eagerly awaiting
The bite of his crop,
The sting of his flogger,
The slap of the paddle,
The cool caress of his hand in the aftermath, easing the pain,
Delighting in the warmth that spreads through you.
The sharp pinprick of the wheel coursing along sensitive areas,
Gasping and writhing,
Trying to escape yet wanting more.
The sweet torture, maddening.
Your thoughts silenced,
You only feel.
The cool breeze of the fan on your sweat glistened body,
His tongue sliding up your side,
Fingers probing deftly, knowingly.
He knows your body better than anyone and elicits all his favorite responses from you with every stroke.
Slipping free of the responsibilities of life and
Abandoning yourself the world he has created just for you.
Time has no meaning.
Alive and fiercely in the present,
Each moment experienced between this breath and the next,
Your entire existence shaped beneath his hand.
The raging passion and the icy calm,
He holds you in the darkness
Teetering on the edge of madness,
And always keeping you safe.
His arms, your home.
The warmth and fire you find there, comforting in the night.
Each night he is your undoing,
Each night he pieces you together in the strength of his embrace.
Each morning you are better for the carnage that took place.
Each day spent reminiscing of the night before, and anticipating the next encounter.
A dance of destruction and creation
Playing out night after night,
Both made whole at last.

© A Gentleman’s Musings 2014


A Lover’s Dream

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I turn over in the night
Reaching for you,
And all I find are memories,
Your fragrance on the pillow.
In the darkness I search
But it was only a dream,
A dream of you next to me
And all around me.
Your absence a weight on my chest,
A burden my soul cannot bear much longer.
My need for you consumes me.
You belong here.
With me.
In my bed.
In my arms.
Curled up and peaceful,
Naked back to my bare chest,
One arm lovingly enveloping you,
The other falling asleep beneath you.
Legs entwined,
Kissing your shoulder,
Whispering in the dark.
Lovers’ secrets murmured softly,
Sleepy smiles felt more than seen.
But you’re not here.
You’re far away in your bed.
And I’m left with ghosts of you,
Haunting my bed with the fading wisps of your perfume.

© A Gentleman’s Musings 2014



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Focus on your breath.
Steady your pulse as you feel it bounding just below the surface.
Breathe easy.
Your breath is your anchor,
Your tether to the world.
It will keep you from getting lost,
From floating away.
Embrace the darkness brought on by silken bonds kissing your eyes.
Anticipation threatens your sanity.
Your pulse indicative of all your yearnings,
Your fears,
Your darkest desires.
Breathe slow.
Focus on the details.
The way the stirrings of the air caressing your skin as a bead of sweat rolls down your naked back.
Inhale the soft scent of jasmine and vanilla coming from the corner.
Breathe steady when you feel
His husky voice right at your ear.
Relish the gentle touch of his hand
Just before the sharp sting of leather is brought down.
Enjoy the warmth that spreads
Slowly throughout your body.
Keep your breath steady with
Each subsequent blow.
Focus on the split second of pain,
Followed closely by pleasure rippling along your senses.
Focus on how aroused you become.
How each slap of the crop
Sends your heart racing
And your mind reeling,
Threatening to unhinge the control you’ve worked so hard to attain.
He has asked you to remain still,
And you want nothing more than to do so.
He knows how much you want to move,
How much you want pounce on him,
Tackle him to the floor and rip his clothes off.
He knows all this, and yet he continues.
One cheek.
The other.
And forth.
Alternating maddeningly, deliciously.
The warmth has spread through you,
To your core.
To the very depths of your desire.
You respond to each one, counting as he asked you.
The number climbing higher,
Your breathing becomes erratic
And your focus gets lost in the fuzzy headiness of the leather.
The only thing you focus on is counting, and forcing yourself to remain in position.
But you feel yourself getting lost.
Getting lost in that heavenly buzz,
And you feel your tether loosening,
Your breathing is no longer important.
Your heart beat is visible on your neck and you feel yourself letting go,
Surrendering completely.
Then it stops and you feel his hand,
Softly running over the reddened skin,
Cool and gentle over the warmth.
And his rough voice in your ear brings you back down.
It is then you realize that it was never your breath that was your tether.
It was him.
His voice, his touch, his love.
He kept you grounded.
He takes you to the edge of your being,
And he alone can bring you back to yourself,
Back to his arms.
You find yourself suddenly there,
In his lap,
Strong arms around you,
Face buried in his chest,
The world has slipped away
And there is nothing outside of this.
No thoughts.
No anything.
Just the warmth of his body,
The security of his arms,
And the steady beat of his heart.
This is the only world that matters.
So breathe.
Breathe and let it all go.
Breathe him in and revel in the joy of this ultimate release, with the safety of being loved completely.
This is the real world.
The one that matters.
So breathe it in.
Relax and let go.

© A Gentleman’s Musings 2014






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A thousand words
Or a thousand pictures
Or a thousand thoughts
Cannot express the blissful eternity
Lost in your kiss.
And a thousand suns
Nor a thousand moons
Hold the ephemeral radiance
And beauty that shines forth
From your smile.
A luckier man in the world,
There is not.

© A Gentleman’s Musings 2014